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Is it possible to eat foods such as ice cream, pizza, burgers and candy on a daily to weekly basis and still lose weight, burn fat and get into the best shape of your life? Absolutely!!! 

So, you are telling me that I can eat ice cream, Oreos, candy, pancakes, waffles, double bacon cheeseburgers while getting shredded and into the best shape of your life??? YES!!! It is simple; a daily caloric bank will be formulated for you. You decide what foods you want to eat daily. We focus on strategic nutrition strategies but at the end of the day you make the decisions on what you want to eat. I have been following my flexible eating approach for almost a decade. It is practical and sustainable for a lifetime. If you remain within your total calories for the day you can eat any foods, you like or desire. 

Hey everyone, my name is David Reta. ​​​​​​​

 I am a lifetime drug free athlete, natural pro bodybuilding champion, self-researcher, Exercise Nutrition & Wellness expert and a true believer in flexible eating. I used to have a negative relationship with food where I would label foods as good or bad. I would only eat what I referred to as junk food or unhealthy bad food on my designated cheat days. I was in a bad place when it came to nutrition and food in general. Not only did I discover a flexible way to eat for myself, but I was also able to eat the so-called bad foods daily. I no longer needed or had a designated cheat day. I could not believe it! At first, I thought the idea of eating sweets and savory foods that I really enjoyed would be unhealthy for me and prevent me from losing weight and bodyfat but that was not the case. I was able to pack on a significant amount of muscle too while implementing a flexible eating approach.

My flexible eating regimen will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy every and any day. You will not have to give up or cut out any food groups. You will eat a variety of nutrient dense foods combined with tasty treats. Savory and sweet foods are a must for my daily living.
I am not promoting eating non nutrient dense foods or junk food. Most of your caloric intake should be in the form of nutrient dense foods. I teach and show people a flexible way to eat that is practical and sustainable for a lifetime. Not only is it healthy it is fun! You will develop a new understanding of nutrition and how the body responds to certain foods and strategic eating. When it comes to fat loss and body composition, the body knows calories in and calories out. If your goal is to lose weight, I'll put you in a caloric deficit which means you'll be burning more calories than you consume. If your goal is to gain weight, I will put you in a surplus which means you will be eating more calories than you burn. If your goal is to maintain your current weight, I will figure out what is referred to as your maintenance calories which will allow you to stay/remain the same weight.
I have been utilizing a flexible eating approach for close to a decade now. When I turned pro in natural bodybuilding, I literally ate 2 whole pints of ice cream every day leading up to my pro debut at the Natural Olympian. People didn't believe me and still don't to this day when I told them I eat cereal, white rice, sourdough English muffins, pasta, candy, tortillas, beef, carnitas, bacon, pancakes and ice cream on a daily to weekly basis and I am able to remain single digit bodyfat year round with above average lean tissue muscle mass.
By following my flexible eating regimen, you'll still be able to eat out, go to family gatherings and social events, never feel guilty or regret eating certain foods you labeled as bad, and to top it all off, feel your best, perform your best and look your best!
Most people have this misconception about there's bad food and good food. There is no such thing as bad or good food. There are nutrient and non-nutrient dense foods. Even high fructose corn syrup has nourishment.
My flexible eating regimen program is simple. I will formulate a daily caloric intake for you and recommend foods to focus on eating. You will be the final Boss, Shot Caller and Head Honcho deciding on what foods you will eat. There is no need for cheat days or binge splurge days because you will be able to eat and enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilty after eating them. I will teach and show you how to use a digital food scale. You will weigh yourself every morning on an empty stomach to get your true raw weight. At the end of the week on Sundays, you will screenshot me your morning weigh ins. I will then decide to decrease or increase your total daily calories based on your weigh ins. This practice will be repeated every week for the entire duration of your program. You will be able to eat out, never miss a function, special event and family gathering. This is truly the optimal flexible way of eating and the right way to flexible eat for a lifetime.

Those who start and follow my flexible eating regimen will adapt quickly and develop so many new positive lifestyle changes. It is honestly life changing for the better in so many ways!
I've done flexible eating on a vegan diet, ketogenic diet and even ate nothing but non-nutrient dense foods on a daily basis and got in the best shape of my life and gained lean muscle mass over a years’ time span. You do not even think you are on a diet because you are eating good flavorful tasty foods.
I can keep talking about how great it is and the key benefits, but you must experience it for yourself. You will not regret converting over to my flexible eating approach. I mean come on now, who would complain about eating their favorite foods especially ice cream while achieving their fitness, fat loss and body composition goals! I sure would not complain!
Join me on the movement of loving the foods you eat, feeling happy and grateful and finally having a normal positive relationship with food! Nutrition & Fitness should be what life is all about, a purpose, pleasure and how you perform! ​​​​​​​

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Some Examples Of What My Diet Consisted Of While Maintaining This Physique!!! 

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