Bio (David Reta)

Born and raised in the Bay Area

36 years young

B.S. Exercise Nutrition & Wellness
Licensed Nutritionist/Consultant (License#04532223)
Lifetime Drug Free Natural Athlete 

Professional NGA Natural Bodybuilder (National Gym Association)

2018 Mr. Natural California Champion/Overall Winner/Pro Card

Self-Researcher (skin diseases, hormones, exercise performance, urology, dermatology, nutrition) 
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What sets me apart from all the other fitness enthusiast, online coaches, health, wellness and nutrition experts? Read the information below and you’ll see why I’m the best choice to consult with. 

I became intrigued and fascinated with fitness and nutrition at a young age. I was very proactive and always in search for the overall goal of feeling my best, looking my best and being my best. In my early years, I always thought life should be about feeling great but as I aged that wasn’t the case. 

Throughout my 36 years of life I experienced quite a bit of medical problems, some as early as in my 20’s. I spent countless hours and even years researching my ailments. I even spent $1000’s of dollars on advanced treatments for certain conditions. A lot of the ailments were genetically predisposed, but some weren’t. By improving my life style factors, habits, proper nutrition, exercising, and adding in natural/pharmacological interventions, I saw an improvement in some of my conditions. But nothing seemed to ever be long lasting or get rid of my condition completely. It was depressing and exhausting not finding the root cause or the answers to my ailments. 

I was starting to lose hope but over the past few months my life and overall health did a complete 180! Through extensive research along with trial and error, I truly believe I’ve developed an optimal way of eating and living. I developed a task specific eating and workout protocol that has allowed me to feel, look and be my best! Not only do I feel great, I’ve literally reversed, halted and eliminated most if not all the health ailments I was experiencing for a significant duration of my life. When I transitioned over to my new optimal way of eating, I immediately saw an improvement in my skin, hair, body composition, increase in total and free testosterone, blood flow, libido, erection quality, stamina, workouts, energy, cognitive function, digestive system health and overall mental well-being. I felt more complete and as if my body, mind and soul was healing itself and reborn again. 

My previous ways of eating such as being a former vegan, flexible dieter, traditional bodybuilding type of diet and even eating a wholesome variety of foods cannot compare to my current way of eating. What’s shocking to me is, I’m eating more calories than I’ve ever eaten before and this is the leanest I’ve ever been at my current weight.

My current eating protocol, which I refer to as Reta’s Optimal Eating Regimen (RO-HA), has allowed me to operate and feel optimal on all levels. Optimizing one’s life should be the overall goal for everyone. I’m one to focus on purpose, pleasure and performance when it comes to nutrition, fitness and life. Most experts offer cookie cutter fitness and nutrition programs that are short lived when it comes to overall results and health. By consulting and hiring me to work with you, not only will I teach you the right way to eat, workout/train, you’ll develop a new healthy life that will allow you to reap an endless amount of positive benefits. If you’re ready to change your life for the better, function and operate on an optimal level, and improve your overall health, my optimal eating regimen and advanced protocols can help you as much as they helped me. 

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Benefits I've Seen Since Starting My Regimen

Only 32 days difference.
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Stay Shredded

The leanest i have ever been in my life!

Written and witnessed by renowned Dermatologist Dr. William Ting

*Below is a list of the positive benefits I’ve experienced in as little as 6 days on my current Optimal Eating Regimen: 

1. Increase in total and free testosterone *my total testosterone was 831 ng/dl on a reference range of 240-700. My total testosterone increased over 75%! My total testosterone has never been this high in my life.

2. More energy

3. Higher libido/sex drive

4. More frequent and stronger erections

5. Improved blood flow throughout the body 

6. Better pumps/mind muscle connection while working out

7. Faster recovery  

8. No joint pain *shoulder, elbow, knee and lower back flare ups have reduced if not gone away

9. Better sleep

10. Improved vision *no blurriness in right eye where I have a stigmatism

11. Sweat less 

12. Able to workout longer *improved stamina and cardiovascular endurance 

13. Getting stronger

14. Able to eat more calories compared to any other diet I’ve been on 

15. Increase in fat loss *I’ve never been this lean/shredded at my current weight 

16. Increase in lean tissue *my muscles feel more dense/hard

17. Excess oil production on face and scalp completely stopped. *Oil production is normal and healthy now. *no more clogged pores, acne/lesions. 

18. Clearer more radiant even skin tone. *Texture of my skin is beyond soft. 

19. No more ingrown hairs from shaving

20. Eliminated my contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, Pityrosporum folliculitis also known as Malassezia folliculitis (fungal acne) *This is the first time in 10 years I was able to get rid of these specific skin conditions.

21. No more gastrointestinal distress, discomfort or inflammation, *I have a very sensitive stomach and had GI issues my entire life. *I would literally stay on my current optimal eating regimen for a lifetime just for the simple fact I was able to eliminate my IBS symptoms and gastrointestinal issues. 

22. Better bowel movement

23. No feeling of being or looking bloated no matter how much food I eat in one setting. *I experimented with this a few times. I ate a 1, 2 and 3 pound meal in one sitting in less than 30 minutes. I experienced no GI discomfort, gas, feeling or looking bloated. I also never feel heavy or lethargic after I eat a meal no matter how large it is. 

24. Less water retention 

25. Thinner/grainer skin 

26. Veins! *My vascularity is through the roof. Especially while working out. Veins look thicker as well. 

27. No more anxiety and anxiousness 

28. Stress levels have diminished *I can tolerate stress very well and feel more balanced 

29. Feeling of happiness has increased 

30. Overall mental well-being has improved 

31. Constant euphoric feeling

32. More patient *It’s very hard for me to get upset or mad 

33. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is at an all time high

34. Better cognitive function, more alert, better decision-making skills, feel sharper

35. Improved dexterity and motor skills *Better balance, better grip, *I used to drop a lot of stuff such as keys, smaller and larger objects. 

36. Tremors in hands (shaking) has completely stopped


*All clients will have 24 hour access to me through text messaging, email, video consulting and weekly check-ins/follow-ups. 

All advanced self-researched protocols were designed by me and at some point, in my life I’ve implemented each protocol or still am today. The optimal protocols listed below are task specific in nature and will be formulated for each individual. *All protocols listed below have improved my health conditions, ailments, and overall health/well-being. *Results may vary

Fat loss phase (how to implement a proper caloric deficit)

Increase in lean tissue (how to implement a proper caloric surplus while minimizing fat gain)

Increase strength (how to implement a proper training program/routine which focuses on linear progression while minimizing overtraining and avoiding injuries)

Calculating macronutrients (caloric intake) for a deficit (fat loss stage), maintenance (maintain current weight) and surplus (gaining phase/increase in weight)

Testosterone Optimization (On my current new eating regimen that I designed all by myself, my total testosterone increased to 831 ng/dl on a measuring scale of 240-700!!! 

Advanced Optimal Workout Program

1 on 1 workouts (come workout with me at a local gym or I come workout with you at your local gym. All exercises will be explained and shown how to perform.

Hair loss protocol (those who are subject or prone to hair loss, male pattern baldness or who want to be proactive)

Skin protocol (oily skin, acne, dermatitis, Pityrosporum folliculitis also known as Malassezia folliculitis (fungal acne) 

Supplement Protocol (task specific supplements I currently use for restoring hormones, improving sexual health, decreasing inflammation, digestive health, fat loss and increasing lean tissue and strength)